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About Anleiten

"In German, Anleiten (pronounced like "Enlighten"), means 'to guide'. I've founded Anleiten because I believe that teachers guide others toward greatness. I believe that teachers can guide each other, and the educational system, toward greatness, if we gather our energy and work together."

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Jess Ingrassellino

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Anleiten is building the most trusted community for classroom and school leaders by working with them to co-create safe, professional, engaged spaces to connect, share experiences, and work together to solve pressing educational problems. JOINING AND PARTICIPATING IS FREE!

Premium Membership Option

Once you join: For the price of a single professional development course, educators and school leaders in the Anleiten community will achieve agency in their classrooms, schools, and careers with all of these benefits, all year long:

  • Access to the Engaged Educator: Foundations Level course, a method to engage learners by building engaging, motivating, sustainable learning environments OR Differentiated Management for School Leaders, a method to engage every member of the school community to do their best work;
  • Monthly LIVE Engaged Educator Masterclass Events – live training, mentoring and coaching while you share your knowledge with your peers;  
  • Get your most pressing teaching questions answered in Weekly LIVE Office Hours;
  • Access to new content, research roundups, lessons, and help and support as we build a professional community together;
  • Access to an exclusive, experienced community of educators to get the advice and support you need in a private setting;
  • The Anleiten Education app, so you have everything you need to succeed, wherever you are!

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